Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it Men?

We had a water problem the other night, and as Howard knelt in front of the bathtub checking to see if the water was still rusty, I realized that both of his socks had the heels out of them! Now, I'm handy with a needle and thread, but I'm a QUILTER, not a sock darner! and certainly not these white athletic socks that come in packs of a hundred! I quickly slipped them off his feet (yes he was protesting vehemently!) and tossed them in the trash. I won :)

Not 24 hours had passed before I looked down and realized that both of Howard's socks had the heels out of them! Thinking that he had retrieved them from the trash, I dashed upstairs only to discover that the previous day's socks were still in the trash. With horror I realized that he had multiple sets socks with huge gaps in the heels!

By this time Howard was relaxing out on the patio, oblivious to my distress over the sock situation. I grabbed up my very best pair of Gingher cutting shears and flew out to the patio. Lifting his pant leg, I began chopping the offending sock right off his foot! Before he could even realize what I was doing, I had it halfway cut off! When the ensuing struggle was over, it was a draw -- I had one sock and he had the other.

Yesterday I snuck into his sock drawer and removed the remaining offending pieces, replacing them with a new package of athletic socks -- I wonder if he'll notice that he doesn't have any more air-conditioned socks?