Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's hot!

Well, as the weatherman promised, it's really really hot today -- it went over 100 here in the shade of our patio, so wonder what it was elsewhere.  I believe I'm more of a cold weather person because I get so de-energized when it is this warm!!  Of course, I could mitigate it somewhat by not sitting outside, but then I love my gardens and the birds, so I have to check on them sometimes.  There should be a cool front tomorrow -- high 80s I think -- so I'm sure I'll get something important accomplished.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach Day

There are two pink bodies in this house tonight ... and they both walk on two legs .  We buzzed down to Virginia Beach for a quick sunbathe and dip today -- not too hot, nice breeze -- perfect beach day.  Forgot how early it was in the season for my lily-white self, and also how strong the sun is even this early in the summer.  So we came home with sand and salt and a bit of pink.  But there isn't anything better to me than a day hanging out at the ocean :)

I think I got so pink cuz I didn't go in the water to wash the sun and sand off me ... Howard says I resemble a lobster??!!  Fortunately, it doesn't hurt!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Fresh

Speaking if fresh fruits and vegetables ... that's the June theme! ... we made a trip out to Pungo today to visit the fruit and veggie stands.  Oh yummmm!!!  Came home with a cooler full of blackberries, tomatoes from North Carolina, local white corn, peaches from South Carolina and smiles on our faces!!  I think I'm going to make some blackberry muffins in the morning!

Home from Florida

Spent a week going down to Florida for my dear aunt's 82nd birthday -- woohooo you go girl!!  We just love being with her and my cousins -- lifelong friends are the best!!  We decided Midge needed a bikini for her first Florida visit since my cousin has a pool.  After a brief swim she decided the ruffled bottom was just too much!!  We had a great time!

Next week we are off for DC and Massachusetts for two baby birthdays -- can't wait to play with the littlies!!

Plans are moving along for our cruise in August and visits with friends in the UK and along the way in Scandinavia.  This might just be the very best birthday present EVER!!  It's wonderful to turn 60!!