Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big Adventure for Me and Sophie!

Didn't realize that making travel plans could be so tiring! lol!! Spent most of the past eight hours planning and booking our trip to Europe which starts in just three weeks!!!

We're off to London on June 5, arriving about noon on the 6th.  We'll be going to the theater that evening to see The Wizard of Oz!!  The next two days we'll be great London tourists and hopefully meet up for tea with our quilting friends.  The last time they saw Sophie she was only 4!!

Then we're off to Paris Saturday morning on Eurostar, of course!  We have the weekend to explore the hot things on our wish lists before we catch a train to Stuttgart, Germany, to visit Darby and family.  Unfortunately we will be there just a few days before nephew Joe arrives from Washington, DC, so we'll have to plan another trip!  Another quilting friend is in Stuttgart and I hope we can meet up for lunch or coffee or something!

Whew! are you tired yet? hehe Well we gotta keep going!!

On Thursday we head off by train to Venice, Italy, which is the beginning of our week-long whirlwind tour of Italian delights -- oh bliss, all the real cappuccino I can drink!  Then it's an overnight train back to Paris, a quick hop back to London and on our way home.

Can't wait!!

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  1. Hi Linda, wow you will make a wonderful hilidays
    I'm looking forward to meet you in Stuttgart!
    see you soon!