Sunday, May 6, 2012

So ... watz de udder guy look like??

I must admit that the past 10 days or so have taken a toll on this ole body of mine!  Back in February I took a tumble down a flight of stairs, and though the docs did some exrays, they neglected the left hand ... turns out (after finally realizing it wasn't going to get better) that I had pretty well destroyed the ligament for the thumb so last week they reinforced it and rebuilt it using a tendon from my wrist. 

Not too bad, but prickly at best.  Yesterday they had to reset the thumb :(  and I'm now sporting a lovely purple cast for another week or two.  All in all they tell me I thumb will be imprisoned for about six weeks :(

Then the dermatologist got involved with my nose where I suspected a new cancer had emerged.  He biopsied it and verified it we another surgery was scheduled.  Interesting procedure!  Unfortunately they had to remove enough layers of my nose that some reconstruction was needed and they did that on Thursday.  In addition to the black eyes, these bandages are just not fashionable!  And after hitting my nose with my new cast Friday night, nothing feels very good right now :)

And in the midst of trying to do some pain management and get some sleep, Midge needed to make a 4:30 a.m. potty run.  She ran so fast she fell in the pool lol!!  And here I am one-armed, half blind, drugged, middle of the night, trying to get her out lol!!  She did her thing but when I tried to get her in a towel to dry off she really thought this was a great play time!!  Only one of us was amused .


  1. Love lemon cake. Thanks for sharing Linda.

    1. This got posted on the wrong entry so my apologies Linda. You sound like you're in the wars. take it easy & get well soon.

  2. Hope to see you next month, Geraldine! All my bruises should be healed by then lol!!