Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Fussing!

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed you want to tuck yourself in bed covered up with a cozy quilt and wish for little elves?  Okay then, could you send over those little elves for a while?

I think our whirlwind tour will be more relaxing than this week! lol!  I'm pretty tired of hurting in someplace or in several places -- it sure zaps the energy!  Still working on trip planning ... packed a "test" suitcase yesterday and it was light enough (yeah) but not everything fit! lol!!  So it's off to buy just a little larger bag -- really!! just a bit bigger!!

Walking around with a notebook because my mind sure isn't holding on to what I need/want to do!  Discovered that I put the wrong phone number on our business cards so have to reorder those :(  Fortunately I only gave out one lol!!

I think I'll just go take a bubble bath and deliver Midge to Play School and take one hour at a time today -- or even a half hour!!

Wishing you all a serene day!!

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